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Hey, remember when the doctors of Seattle Grace-Mercy West lived through a terrifying shooting incident that left several of their friends dead and many more wounded?Okay, Alex briefly mentions that he was once shot in the chest, but for the most part this is an episode about the horrors of gun violence that almost entirely ignores the horrific massacre that took place in Grey’s iconic sixth season finale.TOP (1) · · gadazidvis (1) · maka (1) · sadzinebeli (1) · Qiravdeba restorani (1) · (2) · (1) · dirt (1) · marlen (1) · (2) · laivi (1) · piggly (1) · loto (1) · PORNOEBI (1) · inkognito (1) · მაგარი (1) · katsmani (1) · თბილისის (5) · (1) · sexi (1) · (1) · ru (1) · yvelaferi (1) · pono (1) · 3 (1) · yutubi (2) · (1) · Qartuli (1) · იარაღი (1) · Druzhok (1) · წრა-კერვის (1) · c56a1469 (1) · PRINCESA (1) · WWW.


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Season 12 largely focused on Meredith’s recovery from the death of the love of her life, and at the end of last season, fans saw Meredith hook up for the first time since Derek’s know, the show doesn’t really allow for drama-and-complication-free relationships.

I think we can say for sure there is reference to infidelity in a relationship as well as to alcohol.

A couple of years ago he mentioend that "Sundown" was Bruce Cockburn's nickname and it is written about an affair he had with Lightfoot's wife.

Grey's Anatomy is a smart and witty look at young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to be human.

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